The RSENSE Project

Project at a Glance

Project Acronym: RSENSE
Project Title: Revolutionizing disease and environmental detection with portable optoacoustic sensing
Grant Number: 862811
Program: Horizon 2020 Future and Emerging Technologies (FET)
EU Contribution: € 3.057.956,25
Start Date: January 1, 2020
Project Duration: 60 Months

RSENSE, a 5-year research and innovation program funded by the EU under H2020, brings together engineers and physicians from four European countries (see Partners) aiming for a new and innovative, disruptive technology of spectral portable optoacoustics (sPROPT). This sensor will be accessible, inexpensive, portable and non-invasive. On the one hand, sPROPT will enable frequent monitoring for early signs of diseases, such as prevalent cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. On the other hand, sPROPT will revolutionize environmental sensing by allowing sensitive, disseminated, in-vehicle measurements and monitoring for on-board diagnosis. To achieve these ambitious goals, the RSENSE consortium uses methods ranging from artificial intelligence and data analytics to advanced optoacoustic technology. In the future, breakthrough technological developments will enable accurate optical sensing in scattering media, with feature bringing a paradigm shift in health and environment.