RSENSE publications

Peer-Reviewed Publications
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  • Stylogiannis, A.; Prade, L.; Glasl, S.; Mustafa, Q.; Zakian, C.; Ntziachristos, V. (2022) Frequency wavelength multiplexed optoacoustic tomography. Nature Comm.
  • Dehner, C.; Olefir, I.; Chowdhury, K. B.; Jüstel, D.; Ntziachristos, V. (2022) Deep-Learning-Based Electrical Noise Removal Enables High Spectral Optoacoustic Contrast in Deep Tissue. IEEE.
  • Stylogiannis, A.; Kousias, N.; Kontses, A.; Ntziachristos, L.; Ntziachristos, V. (2021) A Low-Cost Optoacoustic Sensor for Environmental Monitoring. Sensors.
  • Waibel, D. J. E.;  Boushehri, S. S.; Marr, C. (2021) InstantDL: an easy-to-use deep learning pipeline for image segmentation and classification. BMC Bioinformatics.
  • Stylogiannis, A.; Riobo, L.; Prade, L.; Glasl, S.; Klein, S.; Lucidi, G.; Fuchs, M.; Saur, D.; Ntziachristos, V.  (2020) Low-cost single-point optoacoustic sensor for spectroscopic measurement of local vascular oxygenation. Opt. Lett.